CNN and MSNBC Live-Streams?

Where can I find live-streams of CNN and MSNBC (US)? Thanks. Seems LiveTV is no longer working - no sound.

in the silk browser you can go to stream2watch then scroll over to sports+ at the top and scroll down to “TV” and click on it and about 30 U.S. Channels will open for you to choose when you scroll down. You could also get an IPTV player like TiViMate and install a playlist with CNN in it.

msnbc on crew then iptv then ustvgo then channel list. channels cnn and golf channel there ,too.

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Do yourself a favor and turn the news…it’s all so negative! IMO, which you know how opinions are… everybody’s got one… I wish there was a way to put a epg one on the freebie iptv’s on the apps that play 3rd party free… Just kidding about the news… I hoope your able to watch whatever you like!

“I wish there was a way to put a epg one on the freebie iptv”

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. I have nothing but free IPTV playlists in my TiViMate and have 24 EPGs loaded that I enable in every playlist. I have 10 playlists.

LivenetTV is working now. CNN and MSNBC are streaming (everything was down for a while but back up now).

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Not to get political but sometimes the search for truth gets exasperating so I turn the news… As another source I often listen to the radio for swallowing my news medication. CNN and MSNBC stream live on tune-in there are many solutions on the radio as well. A google search will take you there.

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