Cloudflare What is it?

First let me say I am the 70 year old guy who is tech challenged.

Just discovered Cloudflare and wonder if I should use it instead of a VPN?
I have done a bunch of reading but it is all over my head.

Cloudfare is a large part of the internet, deals alot with speed and security. A vpn might run on cloudflare but its not the same as a vpn., so the answer is no.

Thanks for the response but I am sorry I don’t understand. I am using Surfshark on my firestick but Cloudflare on my phone and tablet. Both seem to mask my ip address.

I think, but not sure, a vpn will mask your ip from your internet service provider and Cloudflare does not.

When I connect to Cloudflare I see a different IP address.

VPN doesn’t keep log of your activities but Cloudflare will spy on you and give that log to the FBI. That is why you have to pay for the VPN.

Interesting may I ask how you know that?

I would like to get more info to be more clear. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately it isn’t simply a one sentence answer. Using the site search you can find many Troypoint insiders comments and personal experiences with Clodflare. These may help.

Funnily enough,I literally just changed my dns settings to the but couldn’t recall the name behind the ip.Now I do lol

It seems to be working for me. It changes my IP address just like any VPN I have used.

Has anybody ever read the privacy terms of cloudfare?

You don’t need to change to a Cloudfare DNS if using a VPN as they have their own.