Cloudfare 1111 dns

Just discovered an app by cloudfare for android. 1111dns. Does anyone know anything about this & if so, can you give neg/positive feedback? I only trust the @troypointinsider team…

Cloudfare, its one of the fastest dns out there. I use it on and off depending on network traffic/congestion. :+1: — The free app that makes your Internet faster.

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Older, but worth a read


Thank you…I set that up on my firestick when troypoint first posted it. I’m referring to this app in the playstore, does it have the same results? It referenced a vpn…


The app acts like a vpn for your dns, it encrypts that data sent out then encrypts back. Similar to the vpn encrypts your ip adress and internet traffic. Cloudflare protection is a extra layer. It offers lower ms and ping to make the connections faster.

WARP is an optional app built on top of WARP creates a secure connection between personal devices (like computers and smartphones) and the services you access on the Internet. While only secures DNS queries, WARP secures all traffic coming from your device.

WARP does this by routing your traffic over the Cloudflare network rather than the public Internet. Cloudflare automatically encrypts all traffic, and is often able to accelerate it by routing it over Cloudflare’s low-latency paths. In this way, WARP offers some of the security benefits of a virtual public network (VPN) service, without the performance penalties and data privacy concerns that many for-profit VPNs bring.

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Wow, @TP-Dracoo …thank you for that. I actually ‘get it’!!! One more question. I’m getting ready to set up a android 11 tv box as a “back-up” to the firestick, 'cause its getting ‘quirky’. Would the app be effective on that, or should I follow the process set out by troypoint

Works like a dream. like @TXRon I’ve been using this on and off for years. Posted about this exact subject a long time ago. One of the preferred ways to help with reducing buffering for some.

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Thx, @Miki …I’m giving it a try right now on this android 11 box I’m setting up. My wife is a foxnews junkie, and leaves it on all day while puttering around the house. Silk browser/Ustvgo w/vpn on firestick (cloudfare set up per troypoint guidance) would freeze up almost hourly. So far, tvbro/cloudfare warp/ustvgo and I have a happy home.

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