Closed caption on IPTV on the live channels

Is there any way to get closed caption on IPTV on the live channels? I get it on movies and series but not on live tv?
Thanks so much

@jedalton What kind of player does your IPTV use?

have VLC and MX player pro

@jedalton I know on XCIPTV player when you bring up a stream…push play/pause…a sub menu pops up on the bottom of the screen…select cc… toggle it on. Works like a charm if the channel has closed captions.

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TiViMate is pretty much the same. Initiate a stream and when it’s full screen you click the enter button on the remote and a bottom bar opens up, scroll down and open second hidden bar and then scroll right to cc and if it has it then you’ll get it if available.


thanks, I’ll give it a try.

I tried that and it works on about 90% of the channels. Thanks

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Hey that’s a start. Those channels that provide cc you can save in your favourites. That way you don’t have to search all the time for them.


Yeah…most people use Tivimate. Great player for IPTV…

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