Close replacement for XANAX

Does anyone have any close replacement/alternative for the XANAX build? I’m on Kodi 19 and using the Slamious build and it’s pretty close.

i like the xenon build from diggs a lot


After Xanax went down, I got away from using Kodi builds all together. I found that I end up using only one or two addons within the build and ignore everything else. I put individual addons on Kodi that I like and use a lot. I have more control and access to Kodi that way. I recently tried the Durex build and lasted about a day and went back to individual addons that I like. It is just a matter of personal preference.


Correction to the above, it was Xenon I tried recently and not Durex. My bad.

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The Xenon build is OK so far but I’m hopeful for something better in the future.


I’ve tried a few. Diggz sometimes doesn’t work. It’s not rated on the kodi apps site at all which is strange!

Slamious seems to be working OK for the moment. I could try the suggestion of not having any build too. Thanks all

i am using the troypoint kodi 19 fork with diggs zenon and it works great i do use real debrid with it my wife really likes the network section ie apple tv where she can catch all thier shows


Diggz seems to be working well here.Does the 18.9 version work as well?

on troys 18.9 fork i am using nolimits build and it works good not quite as good as xenxon but close on kodi 19.1 i have grindstone but i think i will delete that and try something esle the writing forts are less than ideal for old person to read

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Green monster is on the slamious wizard ,and Xenon on the best builds from Troy point!

Do you have a link for the tutorial for that build? I’m still using Xanax, and have noticed issues as of late and am looking for a better alternative.

Is it difficult to install individual add ons? Since discovering Troypoint, I’ve only ever used builds. I’m not thrilled about the long wait times/etc. on start up. Does installing the add ons individually cut down on that wait time?

It is basically the same process to install an individual addon as it is to install a build. It takes a lot less time to install and takes up a lot less room on your device. I saved almost a gig of space with individual addons as opposed to a build (depending on the size of the build). I installed 4 individual addons (The Crew, Oath, Venom, & Marauder) in about half the time it took to install a build. When you open Kodi and scroll down to addons, they are there and open instantly when you click on them. There is no wait for the build to update everything else within the build. If you google " Best Kodi Addons" and open the link for Troypoint Best Kodi Addons, there is a list of the best addons and links how to install everyone of them with picture instructions for each. Thanks Troy!


i dont have a link i am sure you can google a you tube of it i am a 71 year old man and i did it with little trouble reading troypoint and watching a couple vids on the net there are also vids on how to add real dwbrid which makes a huge diffeance in how the links work


Xenon build works great

I second Dminor9’s stance/input. Once Kodi 19 came out and with TP’s continual communication and add-on’s that would work with K19 I attempted to “build my own” with just the add-ons we use/like.

Took an Aeon Flux skin and loaded The Crew (also contains The Boys) and then added Seren. Between both of these add-ons there isnt much content we cant find and it kept the size to a minimum (not as much of a concern as I run Nvidia Shields on all devices). You can customize the appearance get rid of things you dont/want/need and streamline your experience.

With this “customization” and/or creation we have almost completely gotten away from the stand alone APK’s (i.e. Cinema, Syncler etc) and are very happy. Hope this helps

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I too have migrated from Xanax to the Diggz’s zenon plus 6.1 build. For the most part it appears to be working nicely but consumes so much storage that I often experience crashes or hangs when doing a lot of searching. I only recall installing 3 add-ons (The Crew, Venom and Seren). I end up with about 458Mb free which I believe is causing all my problems. Does anyone know how to uninstall other add-ons or features that the build installs?

I have installed MiXplorer because I tried to clone my Xanex firestick but it really doesn’t “clone” - just copies selected install files to your PC so you can copy them to another firestrick, where you have to install them. It is, however, capable of deleting any file you highlight (I’m guessing similar to ES which you have to pay for). I’m thinking about deleting all the amazon installed apps that I dont use. I’m not sure if the OS checks for these and if deleting them will result in catastrophic failures. Anyone have any feedback on this? Something needs to be done because as good as the Diggz’s build is, it is not a practical replacement for Xanax (in my opinion) as it consumes way too much space (unless I installed it improperly).

Troypoint is exceptional in providing information and videos as to how to free up space but the only one that seems like it will free up a significant amount of space is the video for moving files to an external USB thumb drive. No mention is made as to whether the Diggz’s build can be migrated over to a thumb drive. For now, this is well beyond my abilities at this time. It would be nice for a programmer to provide a one step solution for moving entire applications - just download, install and run. Then select the apps you want to move and you are done.

Thank for the info! I appreciate it!

Update: further testing reveals that MiXplorer isn’t capable of deleting any amazon installed apps. Pitty.

little by little i am replacing the firesticks with the cube twice the storage when the cube is on sale its a good deal at 16 gb its the same as my nvida sheild which is a great device but users other than me have trouble with the controls the new cube does a great job and i can control my sound system with it

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