Clearing shows/movies in cinema

Hello. I have been trying to clear shows and movies on cinema hd. I’ll click on unwatched on the movies and will remove all season from tv shows to get rid of the ones I am done with. It’ll go away for a day and then it’s right back in the history section. I am using fire stick along with real debrid and trakt tv.

The only way i know of to clear history is to clear app data. The problem with that is it will also clear your favourites and you would have to reauthorize RD and Trakt. In settings you can set history to only retain 10 shows.


Use filmplus and just hold down the accept button and it will ask if you want to delete. I have used cinema for years and in the last year updates have not fixed the problems.

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I downloaded the film plus APK but I don’t see a history list like on cinema. Do I have to add all the shows that I am watching to favorites? If that’s the case and I put film plus on all my devices, will I have to add the shows one by one on every device?

If you look at Stremio, you can add your weekly shows into your library, and as the info isn’t stored on your device you can install Stremio on any device anywhere you choose, and when you log into it your account the list will show immediately including which episodes you’ve watched and dates of upcoming shows. You can click on actors and directors names and get results of all the shows they’ve been associated with and the app will show all seasons and episodes. That may be something you should look into.

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FP does have backup and restore for history and favorites. You can try the restore and see if FP will use the Cinema files. If FP can’t use the Cinema file, you will have to enter the favorites…

Yes, just like you did for Cinema.