Clearing Cache on my Firestick 4k max

cannot clear my cache on new firestick4k max!

There will always be a remaining 16.28 cache after clearing. No idea why but that’s now the way it is.


Hey @Miki
Just to add to your reply, it’s the same for stock android boxes and android TV boxes.
Thanks for letting others know about this who may be concerned or wondering if something is wrong.

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Just to add to their replies, some things you cNt completely clear and will always need data or cache to operate.

It’s so the app or program can read from that.


Just keep it clean and lite you should be okay.


I’m using a 4K max with a USB attached to expand memory. I have several apps on the USB and they work fine. However for those apps, the firestick sees the cache size as 0 and cannot be cleared. This is especially problematic for Kodi where one has to clear it’s cache to fix a freeze. When that happens I have to move Kodi to the internal memory, clear the cache, then move it back to the USB. Anyone with ideas?

Do you know of a simple fast way to to clear all cache on a Fire HD 10 tablet? The Background app just brings up each individual app and then I clear cache and force stop easch one separately. The Shield I can clear all cache data with one click.

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Tx for the vid. This is exactly what most figured but nice to see amazon saying what it is exactly tx. I’ve never been worried about it cause it’s so small.

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