Cinemahd v2.6 backup/restore

Has anyone figured out how to get CinemaHD 2.60 backup or restore to work on a firestick? It works on my Android tablet ( touchscreen) but can’t get get the firestick remote to select anything on the backup or restore screens. Works great with touch screen.

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Maybe you need mouse toggle app on your stick? Or if you can plug a otg cable into your stick and install a 2.4 usb dongle for a keyboard.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Mouse toggle is installed but didn’t seem to be available in the app. I’ll look into getting a dongle with a usb port and see if that works.

Were you able to activate the mouse by pressing the menu button?

No. I tried that but no change. Maybe a usb hub and mouse. I’m going to manually configure the app and keep looking looking for a 400mb ethernet + usb hub.