CinemaHD Favorites

Is there a way to remove “Favorites” from Cinema HD? There are quite a few TV entries I’ve made in the past that I no longer wish to have listed in my Favorites group. I’ve tried emptying the “heart” symbol that allows you to create a favorite, but the TV shows still remains listed.
Any thoughts?

I believe if you “empty” the heart for Favorites, and exit the apk, that program will not longer be there, UNLESS…

You have more than one device (Firestick/Fire TV/Fire Cube) and use Trakt TV. What happens is that Trackt TV will put those programs that were common to both Firesticks back on the device you removed it from when Trakt syncs. At least, that’s been my experience.

If this situation (multiple devices) doesn’t apply to you, let us know! Someone out there has the answer!

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Problem solved. Thanks!

If you use Trackt TV and your favorites won’t delete by just emptying the heart for favorites in Cinema. Make sure the heart is empty then go to the last season of the show you want to delete. Select the last show of the last season and check the watched box at the bottom (if it’s already checked, uncheck it then recheck it). Back back out to the favorites page and the show will be removed. H/T to some random redditor who figured that mess out.