Cinema sound problems

I use Real Debrid links but when using Cinema I’m not getting any sound or sound with no picture
Anyone have the same and how to overcome this I have a firestick
What’s the best alternative

Make sure you have HW+ enabled in your player and try another player like VLC or MX Player Pro. I do know @TP-Dracoo has another good player option but I forgot to write down the name. Hopefully he chimes in. Have a great day.

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I seldom have the same issue so I just find a lower 1080P stream and all is good. I don’t know why the higher the stream the more funky it is. Like 4K for instance is mostly brutal to watch anything on because it has captions which I don’t like while watching a movie.


Just player works very good. Try that.

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If using MX Pro, click to right top. If it shows HW, click on it and select HW +, as mentioned above.

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U also might want to go into MX plyr & turn on some or all of the audio codecs (theyre all off by default)

HW+ audio codecs…



Well you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I’ve never bothered going into MX Player Pro settings as I have to plug my OTG and keyboard dongle cable back in before I can get into those settings on the :fire: stick. Done. Tx for this. I’ve honestly never had any issues with sound or video when using MX but now I know where more important settings are found.
TX @Sketch
Have fun and STREAM ON.

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