Cinema recordings

Is anyone else having problems recording with Cinema? Things were ok until about a month ago. Now no matter what link I choose, it gets to about 30% and goes to ‘error’. I have tried with/without VPN, no difference.

Version is v2 (

Thanks for your help!

Hello @tequilabob I don’t use this feature as I have a Plex Server and I just drop my torrent media files onto that. Do you know if your internal storage is low on your device? Maybe there isn’t enough room to store what you are trying to download?

My device is the Nvidia Shield and I use a 512K SD for storage so I have plenty of room. I still have 468K available.

@tequilabob it is something with the app then. Have you ever though of using a torrent site and then move the file over to your Shield on USB drive. Or, setup a Plex Media Server if you like downloading media. This can work on old PCs that you may have lying around or buy a used one off of Ebay. Plex Media Server Setup Guide for 2021 - A Beginners Guide

It seems that the problem was Cinema Ad Free and regular Cinema. Recordings failed on the Ad Free version and work fine with older Cinema.