Cinema- Real Debrid

Most of the links that come up via real Debrid in Cinema are torrent links which I cannot access. It asks for subscription. What would the subscription be to?

Hi @Cbgolfnut
You need to sign up for a real debrid account.
If you have an account, check to see if you need to fund it, as real-debrid won’t till you it expired and it is time to fund it again.

I do have real debrid and it is funded and active, however a majority of the links that it provides are torrent links. Example:
720p-TTPB (cachedTorrent)(DEB)(664MB)
when I click on it I get Error 403 permission denied or account locked. Please check your subscription. If I click on other links real debrid works, just not with these cached torrent links.


That is typically an indicator your subscription is up. But if it’s not sign into real debrid, clean your downloaded caches torrents from the website.

(Downloads section, look for the red x) then re authorize your RD account and try again.

Delete your authentication from real debrid as well.

If your using a VPN make sure it’s approved.


Thank you so much, I did need to renew my subscription even though it said I didn’t. Once I reloaded and signed back in it showed I needed to renew.

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That is the problem with RD, they don’t send out renewal notices. Gotta stay on top of expiration dates. Found that out with a friend of mine. He was havin trouble accessing feeds and it was because his sub had expired. Bought him a new box and renewed his RD and he is good to go

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