Cinema only returns movies

Even when I set to tv show and search I’m only getting movies. Is it user error or something else?

Can you give us an example?

See in the top right of the app, next to the bit you would click to stick on subtitles, you should see a wee colourful icon. I think that chooses where the app searches for links. Try clicking that and changing it to a different one. We were having the same problem and fixed it by doing that. There’s a blue icon and a red icon, can’t remember what they say but I’m sure if you put the blue icon on that’s the one that works… Dead technical there I know lmao, sorry I’m hungover :sweat_smile:

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Blue is the TMDB (Movie data base) and the red is

There we go! Cheers @Wilts :joy::+1:t2:

Ha thanks. Who would have thought the blue one called the movie database would show tv.

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