Cinema not pulling links

Is anyone else having issues with the Cinema APK finding links? I have rebooted my cube, cleared the cache. I also have a RD account and it’s been renewed.

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Hello there and thank you for being a patron.

Cinemahd has been on a downward spiral for awhile. If your real debrid is actually up to date then I suggest the following:

Kodi with crew and seren

All use real debrid and have no issues.


Thank you. I signed out and then resigned into RD and also switched to MX player and now Cinema is working. I just am very intimidated about using Kodi. I tried it about 3-4 years ago and was confused and then I found Troypoint and cinema and have loved it. Thank you for all you at Troypoint and Troypoint nation do for all of us.


Do like I did a few weeks ago and dump the builds and install one or two add-ons like The Crew or Seren. Configure it using torrents only and you will love it. Help me out here and direct this guy to the set up video I’m referring to. Suddenly I can’t remember who did it

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Did you find those videos here on the Troypoint website?


Hi @Billyv19 @Remy
Here you go: