Cinema in different zip codes same state different ip addresses

Cinema with ethernet connection for FS 4k works great with a number of streams, same state, different zip code beach area, connection uses wifi for FS 4k. I don’t receive the same number of streams, usually useless, with any TV series i want to watch. This just started happening a few weeks ago. I have deleted and downloaded again, Cinema still same issue. Perhaps unknowingly i downloaded at the beach area the wrong apk ? I admit i haven’t tried Cinema on the other 2 FS at the beach area, one is 4k the other is the previous version of the FS. Thanks in advance for any help.

I’ve read this over a number of times and I’m not at all sure what it us you’re saying and what you want. The Android Package Kit (APK) has nothing to do with your IP Address only what device you’re installing it on will make a difference as to which APK you choose. Firestick is FireOS. So if you could be more exact as to what it is you want I might be able to help or at least find some resources to assist you.

this is my first time posting and all i was trying to say is that with 2 different 4K FS in 2 different zip codes one FS with Ethernet connection works and provides a number of streams and the other 4K FS in a different location (beach area) use wifi to connect and suddenly about 2 weeks ago streams are not provided or the ones that are are useless. thanks for the response. Cinema being the apk.

Ok. Good start. If possible, and close enough to the router, you can install ethernet adapters and cables to any of your sticks. Now it may be that you are using the 2.4Ghz bandwidth on the WiFi and if you have a dual band modem and it’s in the same room as your stick then switch to the 5Ghz band. Much faster. Also make sure you don’t have something like a microwave or electric motor running close to the stick or modem. If you have “owner” access then try using a different channel. Is anyone else on those modems? Are you using a VPN? If so try different protocols and locations. I should point out that assigned IP Addresses wil be different from one location to another and often one device to another. Also you never ever go direct to any site, you always have “hops”. If you have a windows laptop then you can see this by using the traceroute command and checking hops. You can even determine which hop is causing delays like dropped packets. Unfortunately your issue has literally a dozen different causes and solutions. Another one is poor connections. Water in connections causing “noise”. Even bad hdmi cables or extenders. Sticks that do not have good airflow will overheat because they’re jammed up against the TV and be less than perfect. The stick should have caches cleaned daily imho and should also have the power shut off completely every night. Use Task Killer to shut off any unnecessary background apps robbing your stick of CPU cycles.
That should be enough for now for you to consider.

In a beach condo so running ethernet not possible. i am using a VPN and no one else on the modem but me. i will take notice next time where the vpn is connecting too. Ill also change the wifi adapter for the 4k stick to the tv. I will also try the other sticks to see if the same problem occurs. i never shut down or turn off the sticks and thats bc i remember reading that it should be left on all the time for any updates. i have managed to keep the stick away from the tv and it usually runs cool to a little warm. I will try several of your suggestions and appreciate the info. Originally i downloaded from Troypoint but recently when i switched to 4k i believe i started using the download from FL on the Rapid Installer. i have noticed that on FL there were several options for downloading Cinema and wasn’t sure of the difference between the apks provided on FL.
tx again!

No need to leave the firestick on 24/7 to update. I never have for years because of the overheating issues with firestick, not to mention shutting off the power to it is like doing a soft restart every day. Never had a problem. Heat is not the friend of computing, it’s why server farms spend millions on cooling.

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