Cinema HD Links Issues

Cinema HD is becoming all but useless. Many selections offer no playable links. Example, It, the …More and more selections cannot be played. I am using the version 2 of the app. Anyone have any suggestions to fix this issue?

Are you using the new release that came out Jan 22, 2022? If not do a search and you’ll see links to get it. Uninstall the old and install the new. Good luck.

What is the URL address so I can download it in Downloader? My current version is 2.0 which has many issues…



Cinema has its issues, if you have a rd then kodi seren crew syncler will probably be your best option.

If you want totally free and no real debrid then stremio with the community addons are a better bet as they pull from torrent sites, do not use without a vpn.

My go to is this:


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This is still the version 2.4 that was released August 2021.

I know. And it is all but useless…

That says jan 2022 released valentines day. Good luck

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Still says 2.4. Im not sure what they changed or updated… but still tagged as 2.4 the link when you click latest apk takes you 2.4… so its save to assume no changes.


Use the real version 2.4. Or just switch apks.

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Unfortunately, Troypoint just updates the date to whenever they recycle the article. I pointed out previously that the articles weren’t dated and they started putting the date they were reposted but it doesn’t necessarily mean a new post.

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Exactly. They really need to pull it down. Fix all the streams that do not work and release a version that does.


Is not our article… im referring to cinemas website… not our fourm. Nothing has changed on cinemas end… we update all our fourms and pages, even if nothing has changed then there is no need to cha ge the info. But it still gets looked at. Thats why you see new dates. If something has changed we would also follow suit.

They are not just recycled, lots of work goes into our website.

on the details it gives the dates for the Cinema, as I quoted. But all good I never use Cinema and never will, and was trying to help. Ooops.


Probably edited dates. No patch notes and links to the same patch version. All good just informing.

Sorry, didn’t mean to sound critical. I know how much work goes into these web sites. But a lot of articles that are reposted on the site aren’t new and sometimes contain outdated information.

Yes, the Cinema v2.4 on hasn’t been updated for over 6 months and clearly isn’t functioning as it once was, which is a great pity and probably should be reviewed again before appearing on (today’s) Troypoint front page.

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