Cinema HD is trouble

Be very careful with cinema HD. Want to put it on my fire cube and my credit card they asked for a credit card number and it’s been compromised. It’s an escort service in there .Be very careful with cinema HD want to put it on my fire cube and my credit card they asked for a credit card number and it’s been compromised. It’s an escort service and they will start billing you every week they’ve been reported. it’s a scam be very careful I can’t believe Troy point is telling people to get this cause I’ve been using him for years and never had an issue.

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Your first should have been suspicious when they asked for a credit card definitely not Troy’s fault


Where did you get this version? You obviously have done something wrong. If you follow instructions, things like this won’t happen.


There’s also disclaimers everywhere that say be careful where you download from, as there are many forks people create of the app that may not be safe.


We don’t tell people to get Cinema. If you would read our entire review you will see that.

I’ve never seen a credit card prompt except for their VIP program which no longer works as the old dev is no longer in charge.

You are probably seeing the ads that they run.

You should never give out your credit card or any other personal information for any of these apps or services.

We warn people time and time again about this and this article was published in our Newsletter last week.

This is also posted on every page on our site.

Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not operate, develop, host, or administer any streaming app, addon, service, or website. This is a review site where we point out the good, bad, and possibly illegal practices found within various apps, addons, services, websites, etc. The end-user is ultimately responsible for anything streamed or downloaded through his/her Internet connection. TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. TROYPOINT will not be held liable for ISP termination, lawsuits, data breaches, fraudulent charges, etc.


Sounds like you downloaded a fugazi version of Cinema HD. Also, Troy point is not responsible .


You should probably stick to apps in the Amazon store. Side loading apps is not for everyone . If you know what you’re doing you wouldn’t give your credit card number . Better safe than sorry

Assuming that you’re not just trolling, what tutorial or guide content did you review that would even suggest that you should input a credit card payment during the use of CinemaHD apk?

I’ve never come across anything requesting a credit card input, ad-supported or not.

Perhaps you’ve got some other malware going on in your device(s) or consider the source of where you downloaded that apk from. You may have installed a malicious forked version of the apk.

…or you’re trolling. :roll_eyes:

Whatever the case - you should consider reviewing the clear and present disclaimers throughout all of Troy’s content. In this landscape, we are all advised to tread with caution and at our own risk. Troy is not accountable for any of our self driven decisions with how we choose to use the content of the articles on his site.


Please read I did not say was his fault I was just letting him know that something was going wrong with it. That’s all I was doing. I’ve been using troy Bilt for many years. I would never say anything against him or his team…

@Alannha …You need to read your own post,

you are throwing out accusations…and WTF is troy Bilt???

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Cinema is free, unless you opted to pay for the ad-free version and that would be foolish to do. Especially with all the options to eliminate the ads for free anyway.

To be fair, I did download this apk several weeks ago and tested it out. It’s not nearly as good as the original Cinema HD but is good enough in a pinch. For the record, though, I have uninstalled it only because I already have a primary and backup service installed and at my disposal.

Imho, I don’t see the value in the “New” Cinema HD apk when there is an abundance of free and better alternatives to use.


So sorry this has happen to you. Its always scary when your credit card has been compromised. Sure you have already notified your CC company.


sure sounds like pointing blame to me. anyway how did the escort service turn out? :rofl:

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Wow I know this one, thats my lawnmower. Good one too, Honda engine. :ok_man:

Bring your own engine - true custom.

@Mslea - yes, the big picture…hope it was a live and learn lesson for @Alannha here. Hope you get that compromised credit card rectified. In the future, NEVER use your own personal credit card for these kind of things and take time to scrutinize and investigate more when being asked for personal and financial requests.

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Welcome to the conversation @Alannha. My opinion, streaming has moved past APKs such as Cinema, Film+, etc. and replaced with easier to use apps like Stremio, Syncler, Wyed and a few others which you should check out here. Apps require a small learning curve versus the plug and play APKs such as Cinema, but has been well worth the time spent, for me. You will be greeted with warnings and scorn if you ask a question about the apps that was answered in the past but many will help if you ask for a PM. I personally would like to express appreciation to @Mslea for your civility and input. Hang in there Alan there is tons of good info here.


Gonna give this option a try. If it doesn’t work, then I will be hiring it out or have the paramedics on standby!

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Looks like it would work to me beats falling down the hill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


I too have been looking closely at this setup and I’m getting ready to order some rope. :rofl:

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This is approximately the grade of the slope and yard shape.

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