Cinema HD freezing in movies and TV shows no good

After about 18+ months I’m back on cord cutting with really good internet. I reloaded Cinema HD after 24 minutes watching a movie it freezes and stops…TV shows don’t load and play…any help please.

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Need to add a real-debrid account to Cinema HD. High Quality streaming links then the
free ones you get with it when you download Cinema



Getting a real debrid account will help you with better links and more stuff.

Feeezing/buffering is a separate issues.

Make sure have the appropriate down speed for HD links.


Where can I obtain a real-debrid account? I also have issues with Cinema HD it will take forever to buffer and no links pop up or the links are for the wrong movie…

Hi @Yantra

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I thank you very much :blush:

I have a real debrid account and I have also been having freezing problems.

Hi @Ralphg
So is your freezing problem occur only when you use certain add-ons?


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My suggestion would be to look around the site.

Kodi buffering

Videos guides and lots to checkout for buffering. Try to do some troubleshooting. I’m glad you have real debrid once you figure out the buffering it’s amazing.

Only on Cinema. Everything else seems ok

Ok, try a couple of things:

  1. Uninstall then reinstall the add-on.
    Install Cinema HD APK on Firestick/Android in 30 Seconds (October 2021)
  2. Next, go into Settings > Applications >Cinema click on Force Stop the click on clear cache.
    See if those things don’t help. If not, come on back here and we’ll see what else is going on.

Could be the player you are using for Cinema. Try using VLC or MX Player instead of the cinema player that is selected once cinema is installed. I always use VLC player. Can change subtitles and language if needed with links that have those and do not accommodate your needs.

I have MX player installed but I don’t think I have it switched inside of the Cinema app. If I do switch, does it change the way the app starts the movie? I know be4 there were issues w/ this, why I didn’t turn it on anymore. We had to really play around with getting the movie going & know I can’t remember those directions. Thank you

Btw, I do have real-Debrid

MX doesn’t change the way the movie starts, it does help some with buffering. Activate RD in the settings.

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