Cinema HD APK Alternatives

Originally published at: Best Cinema HD APK Alternatives with Installation Guides (2021)

The following tutorial will provide you with a list of working Cinema HD APK alternatives. Cinema HD APK is a popular media streaming application that serves up Movies and TV Shows. Recently, Cinema has been experiencing some issues. TROYPOINT has created a list of Cinema HD Alternatives that work just as good as this beloved…


Tea TV is also a good choice. I like the explore section with good packs and also the subtitle management ( English is not my first language). You can get it from the Aptoide store.


Morph TV works well for me, plus no ads and trakt integration makes it awesome


Thanks for sharing this. TeaTV is also available through TROYPOINT App via Rapid App Installer -


Bee Tv is another good alternative.

Yes sir get TeaTV from Troy’s RAI and while you’re at it get the m3u Playlist urls from Troy and add them in Live TV to get hundreds of channels that you can add in your favorites. That way you can get live tv for your news, or for your favorite soap opera or even for ninja warrior.



I have found a replacement for Cinema, Film plus.

Film+ gives you better links and provides the same functions, 1.3.7 is current.

Use unlinked to get the app.


I’ve used TeaTV, BeeTV and FilmPlus for quite some time. They’ve all developed issues in the last 3-6 months. My go-to app now (other than Kodi and Stremio) is Flixoid.- no obnoxious ads, no mandatory player requirements. The only limitation I’ve found is that Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind don’t work (on the firestick) when playing a movie or show.

I’ve given up entirely on Cinema, sadly.


I have switched to Filmplus 1.3.9. I have no problem with fast forward or backward. I have been a Cinema use for about 2 years, but the links in Cinema are a problem which has not been addressed.


Interesting, did you have to install the dedicated player with film plus and do you get 30 second ads every time you back out of a video (I do)?


I am unable to locate the Film Plus way to install on Troypoint.

Cinema Hd still working for me . Use it every day .

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CyberFlix TV V3.5.0 £ Flixoid 1.9.8 are worth testing too - not had any problems- using since not all CINEMA HD links have been working correctly so CYBERFLIX were Santa’s little helpers :recycle::raised_hands:

Film plus has been having issues on my stick. have you installed this for the latest releases. How to Install Unlinked APK on Firestick/Android (2022)

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I still get a lot of no provider with Cinema and Seren