Cinema Hd 2.4 problems

I’ve been having trouble opening up C-HD after downloading it to my wife’s phone. She has a Samsung Fold 3. She had the older version and it needed to be updated, tried that and no dice.
I deleted it and downloaded the new version and now can’t open. Please help.

Just find a new download for the updated version. Uninstall the old apk and install the new one. If you need a link to the most current ad free version just message me.


My Cinema didn’t seem to be working very well, so I deleted it with the intention of going to the Rapid Installer and re-installing it, but it is no longer on the list? How can I download it again? Thanks!

Hi @Lady2themax
First download Downloader if you haven’t already.
Next, follow the tutorial @TROYPOINT as.

Best of luck.

I’m setting up a new device using the rapid app installer and I’m not seeing the Cinema HD app listed. Any idea why?


Use unlinked.


And Here2

Or Google them and download from apk pure or use the Downloader.

I saw that also…download unlinked & use 55555555 code…

I wondered the same thing?

I tried that but didn’t know how to enter the code with my Firestick. I ended up coming here and someone was kind enough to send me a link to download CinemaHD again.

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Is it the add free version? That’s what I have on all my older devices


Try using vlc or mx player with cinema. Make sure hw+ is enabled.

Vlc is automatic.

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I do use the MX player. Not sure if it is the latest version or not. Not sure what HW+ is?

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