Cinema HD 2.4.0 Virus Total scan

I recently downloaded the latest Cinema HD version 2.4.0 and ran a scan using Virus Total. The scan came back with a report of 12/72 threats detected. Does this mean this version of Cinema HD should not be used?


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Make sure to use troypoints rapid app as it has verified apks without viruses.

Also it’s probably a false positive. Use the rapid app installer.

I think I downloaded my copy of Cinema HD from the rapid installer, but I can delete the current file from my android box and reinstall it again from the rapid installer. I will then run Virus Total again and let you know what report I get. Thank you for your rapid reply.


I can tell you there isn’t any viruses in the apk. False positives.

It’s trigging a flag in the scans scripting software. The scripts are coded to encounter alot and these programs the scan thinks are viruses because of how they run when they are not.

It’s why it’s a false positive.

Today I can’t see Cinema HD listed in the Rapid Installer. Does that mean there is no virus safe version of this app currently?


You would need to use unlinked.

Got it. Thanks again Dracoo.

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