Cinema feeds not coming through in 1080 or better

I have a firestick device hooked up to LR TV and Bed room TV in a one floor condo. I am a real debrid subscriber. My router is right next the LR tv and BR is about 40 feet away. When I open cinema on both TVs for feeds on same show the LR only shows one HD format feed in yellow and the BR tv give me about 30 4K feeds in yellow on top of another 20 1080 quality feeds. Why can’t I get good feeds on the one TV



Never mind. I’m a big dummy. I must have accidentally logged out of my real debrid acct so I wasn’t getting premium feeds. No idea how it happened but I’m all good now.

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If you are opening both TVs for feeds at the same time, Real Debrid is only going to give you a single list of links for the same ISP address. If you are just using a single TV at a time, then both should show all the available links. That would be my best answer.

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