Cinema + DWTS - no links

I have been using Cinema for years and have RD as well. For some reason this year - I cannot get any RD links. I get very few non RD links.
Can anyone explain why this is? All other shows I watch seem to work fine - just this one.



I’m getting them on kodi with the cre and syncler.

Try switching from cinemahd. Use others with rd. Cinema seems to have issues with wrong links even with rd. Strange as other apps with rd don’t have that issues.

I’m pretty positive it’s the scraper used in cinema I think it needs a rework.

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Theyre also on BeeTV… (maybe a little easier)

If I remember correctly, someone had found that if they switch their location in their VPN they get some different links. Maybe give that a try.

Have any good alternatives? I do not use VPN. I do not have kodi on firestick


Take a look at troypoint lots off options.

Mentioned above was beetv. You should try a VPN as well.

Streaming apps to check out.

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Yes fs…

Download BeeTV or TeaTV (I only looked in Bee), its the same thing as Cinema… & youll be watching in minutes

Hmmm you should use a VPN for many reasons. One maybe to assist you in getting more sources.

Thanks ALL - I downloaded Bee TV - last time I tried a VPN my service got worse - more buffering, etc…

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Depends on the vpn and the setup. In my case I switched from Troys fave to Express VPN and doubled my download speeds and have less buffering. But it’s also about your service. Without a VPN your IP can see your traffic and maybe throttling (slowing) your speeds, resulting in more buffering. Don’t forget, you never go directly to any site but take a number of “hops”. So you want a UK Soccer game and live in Mexico. You may encounter “Geo” blocking or if you do get connected somewhere along the way one of your “hops” is wonky and thus causing you buffering. Now if you have a VPN you can choose the “Country” and “city” close to where the game is broadcast from and in fact changing the “Route” of your hops and bypassing the problem hops and eliminating buffering. Good luck.

I used VPN Unlimited by Keep Solid and I did not like it at all. Supposedly my ISP does not throttle - who knows. Thanks for the info though.

Your IP will tell you what ever they want you to hear. I’m not familiar with that VPN. I do know and trust 3 and in this order

All known to work, bypass geo blocking, and have the latest protocols.

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