Cinema app on Firestick

Could someone please tell me how to fix the issues on the Cinema HD app? When I click on a movies it never shows the movie I want to watch. It’s always a different movie. I have uninstalled the app numerous times and it still does not play the correct movie and has been doing this for months!! Thanks!!

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Is Cinema to only app with this anomaly?
Have had this issue a few months ago when I downloaded from Filelinked as Troypoint nolonger sourced it in the rapid. I uninstalled it and manually loaded it off Troypoint.
The problem went away.
Hope this helps.


This has been a common problem, wrong info being displayed. I would suggest switching to something els.


Thanks for the info. I did reinstall with the help of Troy point but still having some issues. I’m also having the issue with Cybeflix. I have uninstalled and re-installed about 10 times. Still has not help!!


Ok. Thank you I will try them!!

Sup dv…

Also give BeeTV a shot its the same as Cinema super easy (RD or not)


some streams have a large amount of incorrect streams. Since the incorrect streams seem the same, I think it is by design, maybe a hacker?

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No, I think it’s just a unmaintaned scraper and program.

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My only issue with Cinema, finding an ad free program that works properly. Everyone that I download, it asks to update, but it doesn’t update due to being same name. Is there a work around on this? Is cinema on telegram, where I can get help with this issue?

Thank you I’ll try BeeTv

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