Cinema app links wrong

I have the latest version installed and went to get a film for the kids and the three films i tried, the links were all for other films. Is this a known issue or am i doing something wrong? I havent used this app very much at all so have no idea if this is par for course with the app

Happens quite often when it’s a newly released Movie. I only use Cinema HD as a backup. Stremio is my go to app for VOD.


Thanks Miki, i was looking at fairly recently released films so i think that was the problem.

Ive had the same problem with a couple TV shows. :slight_smile:

Hi, I have noticed this wrong movie on cinema HD, for over a year now. Changing from link to other links at times helps.
Also disturbing, is That titles are shown in English, but movie or series are in foreign languages. It looks like something I would like to watch, but no English. Frustrating.
They should quote the title into the lingo it is in, even better, split the app into English and other.

I often have the same issue and links seem to go to the same movie which I REALLY don’t like or ever want to watch…

I know you are not supposed to post links etc, but can you tell me a bit about Stremio and where I might find it?

Stremio is a legitimate app and can be gotten in the app stores or going to their site. Do a search in your downloader app and go to their site and download/install from there.

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