Cinema APK v2.1.7

Anyone else having problems since the upgrade? After playing one episode and hitting ‘back’, it changes to Andriod mode. I’m using FireTV and FireStick 4K. Older version had a setting to force Andriod TV mode but it’s not there on this version.

Yes me too. I hit “back” button and advertisements for puzzle games come up. Did I do something wrong? Please advise.

My understanding is the commercial is the author’s way of reimbursement for his/her time spent for us to enjoy the freebie access. I watched a couple tv episodes last night, each time sitting through the 30 seconds, then hitting the back button to gain access to the menu screen and begin again.

UnlockMyTV ad free version is a clone of Cinema and works much smoother. I suggest you try it out.

I will try that one. Cyberflix is working well as an alternative.