Cinema APK - Resume Function

A friend of mine uses 1.4 version of Cinema apk on a Firestick. When he stops a movie and comes back to it later, he can resume where he left off. I have the same version, and mine doesn’t do this. Is there a setting I need to do this?

Hello @keith2002 I wonder if this has to do with the video player within the app that is being used. I would ask your friend if he is using the default video player or MX Player. I have also noticed lately that mine doesn’t resume either and I am using MX Player.

You know I think you got it. I switched back to the Cinema built in player, watched a movie for 20 minutes, exited and came back and the resume function was there. Resume where left off seems to work only with built in Cinema player. Thanks for the tip.

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This is good to know! Good info!!