Cinema APK download on ipad

Any way I can download downloader and cinema for a apple iPad?

It’s in the apple store. So they say.

I would have to check.

Don’t fall for any scams that claim to let you download these free streaming services on IOS devices.

Back in the day it used to be possible by downloading and trusting a management profile under your settings, then general. But I’ve even jailbroken many iPhones and while it does unlock some extra features, it also makes your phone much much less stable. Which, in my opinion, makes it not worth it. So I’ve always unjailbroken and gone back to factory.

Android devices are MUCH more friendly for things like this after you’ve rooted them. But they also tend to be less stable after that.

So, it’s definitely possible in one manner or another, but definitely not with Cinema. If you go directly to their website they never made a, “.ipa” file type. Mostly just, “.apk”

.ipa = IOS

.apk-= Android