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So since I installed the updated version of cinema 2.4 I think it is . It has 2 different load screens . The movie DB and what looks like a T on an angle Ina red circle . How do I get rid of these and go back to the regular load screen ? It doesn’t give me all the options the old screen had .

I wish cinema would fix the issue that when you click the stream it shows a different movie. That’s the only complaint I get when setting up a firestick for someone


I get the same thing. Some times you get a better movie, you just have to find the right link.
Can’t complain with this little problem.

Click the burger stack to select your choice.

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I get that but in the old version the drop down arrow had way more selections .

It possible that when you set setting before you didn’t stop cam links and in the new version cam links were ignored.

The “T” is for Trakt TV. I use that website for all my favorite TV shows. I have multiple fire sticks so when I log into trak TV, within the cinema app, I see all my shows on each stick. Personally I don’t worry about what’s on that top right because of having favorites while logged into trakt TV.


Trakt account helps for organization of what you watching. Keeps track.

I’d get one it’s free.

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Yes, like the other person said, trakt account is free for what I need it for.

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Thanks I will try the trakt app…

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I use to have trakt but removed it due to lack of security and privacy. Here is a quote>
Trakt also operates within the law and has said they will hand over any data they have on users who are trying to access a media production’s content that has been viewed without their permission.
As I tend to watch and use free stuff I am concerned about their privacy and mine. So as I have apps that if I need to stop watching something in the middle will pick up where I left off and can use on any device I have or will use and I don’t care what I’ve already watched I cancelled my account. This is even with a VPN active.


I just started using trakt and was going to try vip.

But maybe not now. I didn’t think they operated that that way at first. I learned a thing today. Time to pull it from kodi and syncler.

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What is the burger stack and where is it?

The 3 lines on top of each other. Top left.

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