Cinema and cyberflix

Anyone else having issues with both Cinema and Cyberflix? I keep getting error message about too many people on the server. That had never happened before. I uninstalled and reinstalled both, turned off ipvanish, rebooted my router, still the same…

I’m having the same issue. Weird that it’s showing that for all of them, huh?

This issue seems to be effecting all the streaming apps including the recent ones Troy suggested. Is this the beginning of forces trying to impede the public from cord-cutting. Hopefully this is a temporary interruption.

Yeah it seems to be happening across Cinema, Cyberflix, UnlockMyTv, and CatMouse

Morph tv is working for me. All others do not!

No issues here on Monday (8/13). Used a googlevideo link on all APK’s and ran as normal.

Been using Unlock and Catmouse recently with no problems. Haven’t been on Cinema or cyberflix for about a week or so.

Find the APK’s that don’t show up in forums like this and you will have much better luck.

As of Tuesday, 8/13 CinemaHD not working. Cyberflix and Morph working.

Same issues for Cinema and Cinema Beta.
But Titanium seems to be working well.

As of the afternoon of the August 15th, Cinema, Cyberflix, UnlockMyTv, and CatMouse all not working. Not working yesterday evening either. Can’t be our end.

Yea, same problem never seen that before. I lclosed out, went back in it was OK. Then I used the drop down to choose action and it happened again. Closed out, was OK after a minute or two. Don’t know how to fix, this is all of a sudden.

Same her for the last few days, but as seems okay now

Has anyone figured this problem out?

Haven’t found what’s wrong but been OK for a week now.

The issue I’ve noticed while using cyberflix is that the real debrid links randomly stop showing. I need to clear credentials and sign in again.