Cinema and Cyberflix storage permissions

When I try to upgrade Cinema and Cyberflix, it says to allow storage in the permissions. The problem I am having is, I can not change it from deny to allow. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hello @lynnieflo723. Welcome to the community! Look, when you are installing or upgrading an APK, if it won’t let you “Allow” a certain permission such as Storage, don’t worry about it. Just finish the upgrade you are trying to install.
After it is installed, you can always go to Settings to change the app permissions later. Once in Settings, go to Apps or App Manager, If you see the app, go to it and select it and you can change the permission to Allow Storage there.
If you don’t see the app, and you see Permissions listed, go to the Permission and look for the App. Select it and change the permission for Storage, in your case, there.
Each device does it slightly different. Let me know if this helps.

Hi @bennievcrowell, thank you for your quick response. I have tried all that you said above and still no luck. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled them. I have a fire cube. what is funny, is my firestick allows me to change the permissions. thanks again

So what is wrong? You don’t have to change permissions when installing. The problem you mention seems to be popular. The solution is just change the permissions afterwards. Same end result. Your APK will have Storage permissions allowed?

I think you are misunderstanding me, I am trying to change the permissions after it is installed as you said. Still does not work, can’t even get to an allow option.

Okay here is what I found:
The Storage app permission deals with an SD card or other external storage. That is why the Storage option is not available to you on the Fire Cube and is available on your 2nd Generation Firestick…
Out of the box, the Fire Cube uses the micro USB port to give you Ethernet capability with the Ethernet adapter. So the Storage permission will not be available to you. That’s why you don’t see it.
If the app you are upgrading requires the Storage permission, then you can’t use it. Stick with what you have. Sometimes the permission is not required and you can proceed with the upgrade,

Good news is that if you WANT to add external storage to the Fire Cube you can go wireless, abandoning Ethernet capability and use the port for an external Hard Disk Drive or an external Solid State Drive which would be formatted to FAT32. You can use a standard straight OTG cable that will allow you to convert micro USB to USB.
If you want Ethernenet capability AND external storage, you can use the same standard straight OTG cable plus a USB hub with an Ethernet adapter like this:

This gives you three USB ports and an Ethernet port. The best of both worlds!
Hope this points you in the right direction and is helpful to you. Let me know how it works out.

Thanks so much, I finally got around to doing your suggestions. It worked!!

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Glad to hear that. Come back here for more expert advice if you have any other issues. Someone will help. Take care!