Cinema Add Free

You used to be able to download Cinema Add Free on Unlinked.
Have tried again today but the Add Free version is not linked.
If it is still available would you point me in the right direction?
Its for my android tv box

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I think many ppl were having issues with the ad free version as at one time recently there were ad free mods that contained bank and crypto malware. Personally I’ve begun to put up with ads etc. on the proper version, as it not only supports the app developers but are rarely corrupted with malware/adware/spyware if gotten from the developer.

Just switch to Filmplus, will solve all your problems.

I never had luck with Filmplus. I get many more feeds with Cinema 2.4. Don’t know where to get a good copy of 2.4 anymore.

You tried APKPure?

I use TeaTV AF as a backup to my IPTV VOD & it works as well as CinemaHD used to a year or so ago. :cowboy_hat_face:

Got my reinstall here and not had an issue.

Install Cinema HD APK on Firestick & Android (April 2022 Update)

I’ve never had any issues with ads on the official version of Cinema. Other problems, yes (well documented on this site) but not with ads.

Stremio has worked for me for years.

Unlinked 67664537 has cinema hd AF and seems to work ok.

Cinema hd 2.4 will not launch! Does anyone know if their servers are shutdown?

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No issue loading and viewing content, so all good here.

Thanks for reply. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it closes immediately. Never had issues with 4.2 before. Curious… Will keep trying…


I had that same issue with the copy. downloaded via Unlinked, not sure which library. Never had an issue with the download via Troypoint: