Cinema 2.3.5 update killed link

Use to watch Gunsmoke with Cinema until 2.3.5 Now the one link I used to watch 13 seasons no longer comes up. Does anyone know if there’s another app with free seasons/episodes?

If you don’t have, install the “Smart YouTubeTV” from Troys RAI and then search for it. 100’s of episodes are there.

Thanks. Did that found some seasons and episodes but think I have to specify season and episode number in the search to get what I’m looking for. Also, with my firestick the pause, fast forward and rewind on my remote don’t work with this app.

There are issues with this update and the developers have been made aware of them. We should expect a fixed update in the near future.

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Use the round button in the center of the remote. It used to fast forward ( press right) rewind (press left) and pause. The traditional buttons on the functions on the remote have been replaced with this app.

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stremio has the gunsmoke seasons. Give it a try. It’s all I ever use for everything from tv and sports to Movies and TV series.

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