Chromecast Remote draining battery

I’ve change my Chromecast with Google Tv remote twice because the battery keeps draining. It goes from Battery Level: Good to replace battery in less than 4 days after which it will stop working.
If i put new triple A batteries, it starts again and in 4 days gone.

I have abandoned the 2 remotes and now use the TV Remote (LG) to navigate the chromecast.

Please can anyone help with a fix?

Have you done the remote firmware update? This was suppose to fix that issue.

. To apply the system update, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, then select Settings > System > About > System update . To apply the remote control update, which takes the firmware version from 24.7 to 26, select Settings > Remotes & Accessories and select your remote .


Remote is already on Version 26 and I’ve inserted 2 new triple A batteries to monitor if it will stop draining the batteries.

But I’m reluctant to update to Android 12 because i lost the mouse toggle functionality on my 2nd Chromecast in the room after updating to Android 12.

Waiting on new ways to get the mouse toggle in Android 12 working.

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Battery is completely drained and remote has stopped working… I guess the remote is gone and need replacement.
I now have 2 remotes that are useless. Will give one to a phone repair expert to open it up to figure out what is draining the batteries.
I’m suspecting a depressed pad at the back end permanently held down as responsible for the issue.
What do you guys think?
I’ll appreciate your prompt response.
Thank you

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