Chromecast locking up

I have a Google Chromecast with Android TV. It is setup as described in Troypoint’s video, including 32G USB storage. Most of the apps are installed on the USB drive.
The device will lock up when going from screen to screen. It usually comes back after a minute or so, but not always.
Is this normal for this device, or what can I do?

Try running a cleaner of some kind or clearing cache and reboot.

Have tried clearing cache and rebooting, will try a cleaner. It’s almost like the processor is getting bogged down. Thanks!

Hey @NeilN Is it chromecast within a certified google android box or a chromecast dongle just hanging from an hdmi port?

Dongle hanging from HDMI

Also put your most used app on the internal drive. I always keep tivimate on my internal if im using external storage also. Also try setting the window animation scale to .5 on all 3 instances.

Good points from TXRon…tivi, vpn, safety dot, etc…and if these suggestions don’t work, you may want to reestablish connection with your home network…pull all power from dongle & router for about 10 sec, plug back in & let everything reconnect fresh…

Don’t just reboot…unplug everything so the memory can drain off…

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I will try all the above suggestions. I appreciate everyone taking the time to help.

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