Choosing the language of a link

Is there any way to tell what the language is, when you select a link for a movie or TV show?

Depends solely on the app you’re using to scrape these links. Some will show certain country flags. Some will show Dubbed. Some apps have options to choose the language in your search. The method is almost endless.

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I’m talking mainly about using like The Crew, for example, to find the links. No where on the links does it indicate a language. Is there somewhere else in The Crew app which allows you to either filter links by language or show the language of each link?


Sorry I can’t help with kodi. I stopped using it years ago. Good luck.

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Depends on the scraper used you can try to fliter. But it also depends on the link as well. If you switch your audio track you can see different languages.

It depends how it’d uploaded. I do believe there is a addon for this but I also can’t remember.

Kodi fourms would have that answer.

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You need to select your primary language both in the crew settings and in Kodi settings. Then most of the links you find should default to the language you selected. If you get one that defaults to a different language then chances are there are multiple audio tracks and you can switch the language during playback by clicking on the cog and going to audio settings.


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