Check out this design

I saw this show up in an email… A new look for sure and storage city :thinking:

VONTAR X6 TV Box Android 11 Amlogic S905Y4 2GB 16GB Support 2.5inch SATA6 Hard Disk AV1 H.265 Dual Wifi Build in BT Voice Remote| | - AliExpress

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Very interesting design! I have a lot of old laptop hard drives just sitting around doing nothing, would be nice to put at least 1 of them to work again. Price is decent enough.

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Was just looking at it a little closer…this can’t be right, only supports mkv format for video?

strange, coulda swore I saw av1 at a glance. Makes no sense

Yeah, that would be extremely limiting. And weird. LOL

At first glance it does say av1

it does say it in yhe pic

I see it does say Av1 in the picture, but even so, don’t know that I have any videos with that codec. I have lots of avi, but not av1, lots of mp4, and some mkv too of course. Av1 is (I think) a new type container with higher compression, so you can get a clearer picture with a smaller file size.

no expert here, but i think AV1 is the next “latest and greatest”…with better streaming for all because of the compression you mentioned…so just have to wait and see…

I agree. It is supposed to be the latest and greatest, which is good. My worry is that it might not be backwards compatible with the videos I already have on my hard drive. In other words, my older pre-av1 stuff might not play on it. Which would be silly, but you just never know about some of these new devices with new “ideas”.

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