Changing TV HDMI ports with Nvidia Shield Pro remote

Is it possible to change the HDMI input using the remote? It’s set up to turn tv on and automatically connect to HDMI 1 which my Pro is on. If I connect my Xbox to HDMI 2, can I change to that using remote or do I need the actual TV remote?

The remote I got with the ONN box has an Input/Source button on it & when I paired it up to the tv it also gave me that option…my KM6 remote doesn’t have an input so I have to use my tv remote or the ONN remote to switch from tv to either of my HDMI ports. I’m sure there are Universal remotes you can purchase that can be paired to your tv…Pro box & Xbox…

I have looked in all the settings on my Shield Pro and I’m either not seeing it or that option doesn’t exist. I hope it exists. Lol

If your Shield remote doesn’t have an Input/Source button then you’ll have to get a universal remote or use your tv’s…I’ve seen remotes you can place head to head with your tv & device remote & they’ll pair up with all proper codes…then you can do everything off just that remote. I’m sure others that have used them will chime in sooner or later.

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Your shield remote won’t change the TV input, it’s the CEC settings that does that. You can make sure those settings are correctly configured on your xbox. Then on your TV settings make sure CEC is configured so that it will switch whenever any new device is turned on.


Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated

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