CBC Gem APK not working any longer?

Anyone have an Idea of how to get CBC Gem APK to operate. I am using IPvanish but it keeps asking me to update my APK and when I try, it tells me that this content is only available in Canada.

Could you not change your IP address to a Canadian IP then update it?

Hey Cowboy68 Thanks for responding… Actually I am signed in on a Canadian ip addy from Montreal… and it says… this APK has a newer version… it then sets up a click here link… and as it’s about to load… It throws me out and says this content is only available in Canada… (but I am signed in as I am in Canada) it has me stumped…I’ve tried to load it from the Google Play store (signed up as I’m in Canada as well… but it seems to go around that too… and I get the same message back :frowning:

Hi there.
I update my version of the CBC Gem app (and others) from one of the Apk sites online.
Like you I am unable to update directly through Google play.

I tried that as well…from “Firesticks” and from Troypoint’s web page and it loads up and installs… but when I try to open the APK… I get the same message. that here is a “Newer Version” … and I’m back where I started from… ? :frowning: where did you update it from if I may ask… Thanks Larry…

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