Can't load the crew, additional add on won't load

I had installed the crew previosly with no issues. I unintalled it to load a Kodi build. I didn’t like the build because it didn’t have an option to watch sports, so I uninstaaled the build and proceeded to install the crew again. Whwn I get to the crew installed and the screen for “additional add-ons will be installed”, it starts but there are several addons that are not available and the “script.module.beatifulsoup4” add-on the depandy could not be satisfied, and the crew will not ope. It doesn’t show up when I scroll down to click add-ons on the kodi home screen. I am running kodi 20.1 on a nvidia box. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you

Uninstall and reinstall the entire Kodi app. Start fresh.


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Bin the lot off and do a fresh install of just Kodi and put your own add-ons on, like Crew, sport hd, mad Titan, loop23 etc…

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Thank you very much AMD237, that worked. I had done that previously, but I must have done something wrong.

This site is a godsend for people who, like me are not that tech savy. I apprciate the work that everyone has put into this site and the continuing support of all.