Can't install TP app

I’m on a Firestick 4k max OS I can dl the TP app, but can’t install it. I have unknown sources turned on, and when I click install it brings up the install screen with Cancel Install in the bottom right. I click install, it acts like it is going to install then says app not installed. What can I do?

What are you using to download/install? The downloader works very well on the Firestick and type in and then click go and it will download. Once done the apk installer will activate and then click install, when done click done, then click delete, then delete again then close downloader and go into my apps and Troypoint will be there for you to click and start.

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mine won’t open no matter what I do - restart fire cube, re-installed it etc and it just shuts down to home screen…has been like this for a couple of months now.

make sure(while in the TP app) that after you click download wait for it to finish and then click it again to install. Also its a good idea to have sideload launcher just in case it doesnt appear you can look in there.


Make sure you have enough storage space to download it completely and you have unknown sources turned on.


As stated, unknown sources is on, it will download, but will not install. Any ideas?


Check your storage.

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