Can't install Surfshark

Wanted to go with Surfshark from IPVANISH, and signed up for thr 26 month special. However, I can’t seem to load it onto my MECOOL KM2. Using Troy’s 46836, I get “an unknown error has occurred”. Trying the load from Google Play, I get “Not Enough External Storage”. My storage stats show 2.8 of 4.2 used. I also do have an external USB drive installed. ???

Go in to permissions and check all of them. The storage issue varies across platforms and might require a little internet search. The surfshark app is avail on their site>>>


Yes you must allow permission. Also if you have the app on you phone it is a lot faster to log into anything that you istall it on by using the number codes.

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OK, so I checked all the permissions. Didnt help. Still cannot load.

check Troys video which looks to be hosted on amazon>>>
How to expand MECOOL KM2 internal storage via USB Drive

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I get the same thing when either entering the numeric code, or entering the" https" line above into Downloader. “An error has occurred. Check your UR Land connection”. Trying to download via Google Play still gives “not enough external storage”

I did this morning, and an empty USB drive is installed and recognized.

Try setting the external as internal storage and see if it will let you install. Might require a re-boot.

Also make sure unknown sources is on, as well as usb debugging.

I moved some Apps, including Kodi to the USB, and was able to load Surfshark. Thanks for you help!


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