Can't Install Kodi Builds

if it says that then you are typing in something wrong even if you miss a full stop it wont load so i would double check it all

this is the working url

Just a guess try installing on a different TV maybe there’s a conflict with a FIRE tv & firestick!

I use the Onn Google TV with the Superman build, which build on cman do you use?

i dont use it was just checking the url for him all my apps are stand alone

working on my diggz build on kodi just watched a movie

Is there an free app that works for us cable tv Kodi is becoming a nuisance. Every week it’s something not working properly. Is there a better apps for watching live tv on FS 4K Max???

I use TiViMate with an IPTV service for live TV. I think many of our experts here have noted repeatedly that Kodi has issues with live TV.

Kodi, Say it ani't so

As @Miki pointed out forget using KODI for Live TV. KODI is great for VOD and it’s what I’ve used for years but just stop wasting your time using it for live TV. I have a rock solid IPTV service that has no discord and is invite only (Sorry can’t share) that I use for Live Sports/News (everything else I use KODI). Do some searching/research here and you will find lot’s of useful info on IPTV. Better yet become a Patron and your learning curve on IPTV will be a lot faster

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Create your own build, which works great and it is fine-tuned to your needs.
Here is how to do it: Create your own build