Cant get stbEmu player to work

Guys I have loaded the stpEmu player Pro on my Sheild . Went to profile setting an typed in the portal address starting with http:// ending in /c then in stp configuration I added the mac code . Then I deleted the serial number then changed the stb Model to324 then clicked on settings on the right side an scrold down to portal name clicked on it then exited out . But when I go back in to the app all I get is a pop up telling me the portal is installing but all I get is a black screen . I have tried many times with no luck . Anybody know what I am doing wrong . Update ! I just tried these same mac files in TiVimate an they worked great . so I don’t know what im doing wrong in stbEmu player .

I am now getting a message saying ( STB is blocked ) he mac files
I am using are free so I don’t no why I am getting that message .Anybody know what I’m doing wrong ?