Can't get Alienware

has Alienware been taken off can not find installed cman but no alienware

Not sure if this is what you’re after as alienware covers everything from gaming consoles to blogs to iptv.

I have installed CMAN 4 or 5 times and can not find Alienware build has it been taken off for good or somewhere else Thank you Lee

I have the repo link. I don’t use kodi and I’m not sure if this would help.
But you could extract it and see if this repo contains what you need.

Miki I can get into CMAN but Alieware is no longer there my question is what happened to it and is on another build That I can download thank You

Sorry I found the repo link and if it isn’t in there ooops. I searched but as I neither like or use Kodi I’m not putting in any more effort.

If you can’t use Alienware, and want another build to try, give Diggz Xenon a try. It may satisfy what you are wanting to use.
Just a thought.

I have Diggz Zenon on one of my boxes but like Alienware better just wanted to know if there was another site I could get it CMAN dose not have Thanks Lee


Everything I have looked at uses the same source repo troy has on his guide. There must be something you are doing incorrectly.

Follow the guide.

When you put in the repo and install from zip you should see cman there.

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I get CMAN everything else is there but no Alienware I have done this at lease a dozen times Thank you Lee

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It’s in there after you install cman… go to home screen click addons and select it from there…


Thank you I will try again