Cant connect to ip Vanish

Is anyone having trouble connecting to ip vanish servers.I cant connect with any of their servers. Ive rebooted my modem and my onn and firecube and that hasn’t helped. Sent IP vanish an email and awaiting their response

I have had no problems with IPVanish in 4 years of using them daily. I would suggest talking to them on their online chat on the website. I have used the chat service to negotiate better pricing. I always get an answer within minutes. I cannot speak to emailing them and waiting on an answer as I have never done that. I am pretty sure the chat is only available during business hours. Not sure how long an answer would take via email. Sorry I couldn’t have been more help.

Thank you for answering. They did answer by email. I’ve never really had a problem with their service either. They suggested clearing cache and data which I had done before writing and it didn’t resolve the issue. Alls well now.
After they sent me the mail I tried connecting without doing the clearing a second time and I was able to connect which leads me to believe it was an issue on their end.

Hello @agn

I’ve had the same problem in the past.

  1. Rebooting my router usually fixed the problem.

  2. If that doesn’t do it, try connecting with a different Protocol. You can change that in settings of the IPVanish app.

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