Cannot get Firestick to connect to 5ghz

This is more a of a router issue I believe. I’m using a netgear Mk63 Mesh Router and satellites and for some reason the firestick will only connect to the 2.4ghz and not the 5ghz. I have no way of choosing manually because the mesh Wi-Fi is a single name. Although my download speeds are fine. I’ve searched extensively on Netgear forums to no avail.

Just curious if there’s a back door fix to this

My thought is that the 5GHz band is turned off in the settings. I think there is an app for it but I’ve never tried it.
What firestick do you have? If you know how to get into the network settings on your firestick then scroll down and click “See All Networks” and your network name (SSID) maybe there with the 5G after it so it will look similiar to this SSID_5G

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I am not sure about your setup by on my asus mesh system both wifi bands are combined into one. If thats the case it might just be showing that. A way to check is try your phone and see what happens. What the mesh system is “supposed to do” is pick the best availiable. This should be all found in your router setting and can be switched back. EDIT… most systems can be switched


Also for some reason I haven’t yet figured out the Firestick may not connect to the 5GHz until you go into your router settings and change the port to around the 40 range. I know, another thing for you to learn. I have a tool that I use to see how many ppl in my immediate area are on the 5GHz and what channel they’re on and then I can choose a channel with fewer or no users. FYI I changed mine to 44.


Is the Netgear MESH setup using a dedicated 5GHz backhaul channel? If so, you won’t be able to connect to it. Do any other of your devices connect to the 5GHz channel?



If you don’t actually see the 5g network as separate then you would have to turn of auto tether, thar requires you to login the router and go into rhe settings.

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It supposed to pick the best channel. It’s one Wi-Fi name. Both 2.4 and 5 are available. In the device manager it shows the Fire sticks connected to the 2.4 but the iPhones to the 5g.

I’m gonna try the suggestions from aabove and report back later

Sup Mat…

Device might need to b closer for 5g… it doesnt penetrate walls as good as 2g



In the same room as a satellite 15 feet away

if you have router access try turning off the 2g and see if you get a connection.

Ok I went in to the the routers admin page and set all the fire sticks to “streaming devices” and it looks like they switched over to 5g.

Really appreciate all the help. First time using a mesh system so I was not very familiar with it.


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