Cannot get downloader

Amazon says my android box is not compatible with the Downloader App. How else can I install the Troypoint App Installer? I do have Downloader on a different android box.

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This is a really weird issue. My nephew bought a 4K Fire TV and couldn’t download Downloader. I bought the same model and it came through just fine. Both of us already had the app on our account. Curious to see if there’s a resolution.

@tuckerhs are you trying to load on a Firestick or Android box? Keep in mind that Downloader is not available on stock Android which most boxes are. It is available on true Android TV, there is a difference. You can sidelaod it with this tutorial. How To Install Downloader On Android TV Box & Side-load Apps

If you can’t find it on Firestick, it.isnt available in some countries app stores.

Usingan android box. I do have Downloader on another identical android box which is why I can’t figure out why Amazon says it is not compatible with my device. It says I do own this app, as I already put it on one box. Can I use the copy on my other box to install it on the box in question?
I’m in Canada, by the way.

Ya. I already have it on one identical android box and Amazon says it is not compatible with this device. Hopefully someone has some kind of solution or alternate way of putting the app on the box.

If you are using a andriod box with USB, use the sideload function as mentioned above.

You can also send files and apks to your box with your phone.

What box are you using? The sideload guide should resolve this. Also have to allow installation from unknown sources.

Amazon has nothing to do with an Android box. My tutorial I linked to in the other post shows you how to load it on your device. In the same post I also explain why you can’t get it in Google Play.

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