Cancel my VPN need help

Hi there I’d like help in canceling our vpn service

That’s something you do with your VPN Service


Just don’t renew. I doubt seriously if they will issue you a refund.


You should also take note of when your renewal date is because unless you cancel or remove your CC if you used that, most will automatically take out next years fees.

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Hey @Hohnsbehn_32 Out of curiosity, what is the service, how long is the duration you paid for & how much time is left till renewal? I’ve paid for a full year of service for one & gotten a refund because it was in a 30 or 45 day money back guarantee window…did you just subscribe or been with them a while…a little more info would help. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes I also need help to cancel Troy’s favorite VPN as it never worked for me so I signed up with another service 2 years ago and asked by email for the first one to cancel my service. Then again 2 months ago I requested they cancel my service which is on auto renewal and today my cc statement came and lo and behold, billed for another year for IPVanish. Any ideas on how to get through to them?

Thanks for any help.

I cancelled my auto pay by signing into my account on line and cancelling my auto pay. I then made sure I received a confirmation email, and to be sure they couldn’t charge me I removed my credit card from my account.

If you didn’t do something like what Miki stated…my only suggestion would be to go thru your CC to get the renewal rescinded. You have lots of power thru them…GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:


Speak to their customer service and make sure all auto renew is disabled.