Can you sideload on smart tv without using firestick

Never realized I didn’t need a firestick to sideload smarts. Is this true?

Didn’t know that, too. Might be a hood alternative to even using a low-level FS. Although, I would imagine the storage and ram may not be as good as say like a nVidia Pro.

Yes you can. Often the experience is not very good for many reasons but it can be done.

As long as the TV’s OS is Fire TV or Android TV, yes.

One time I forgot to bring one of my ONN boxes to a place that I frequently stay. It has a Fire TV TV set & I was able to sideload a few things.

The one thing that you might run into is that the memory can be extremely limited. Based upon my experience, I’d rather use a seperate device and, fortunarely, Firesticks or Android boxes are really cheap.

To be honest, I don’t think ‘smart’ TVs are a good idea anyway, even if you’re using only verified apps. I’d rather have 3-4 HDMI inputs and not pay for an embedded, low spec OS.


Yes, I have a Sony which has an android system, basically any tv which runs on android can have side loaded apps.
A word of warning though, it’s cheaper to replace a screwed up firestick/android box than a screwed up tv.


Good point. I should’ve thought of that.
The Fire TV & Roku TV that are available to me at that house both depend on their stock launchers to operate.

Yep, anything with a Droid system

I’m lookin at buyin a android projector, no tv needed

Then u can watch TV on the ceiling over the bed… :sunglasses:

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